The King Approach is an innovative business consulting firm that will address your needs and individualize a strategy to take your business to the next level.

At the The King Approach, we utilize our years of experience in the consulting industry to fully serve our clients and to ensure that their business goals are exceeded. When we analyze a company, we target what areas can be improved upon, what should be amplified, and how you as a proprietor can continue to grow and develop your dream. We fully take the reins upon the start of a project and work tirelessly until your company is truly soaring to new heights. 

Why Should I Choose to Work with A Business Consulting Firm?

At The King Approach, we take the time to truly understand each client, their business, and their specific needs. It’s no secret – the business world is constantly evolving. From an individual level, it’s nearly impossible to stay above the curve in a competitive market. 

 We are here to take the reins of your company, strategize plans to exceed expectations, and to lend our expertise in taking your business to the next level. Your business is our priority – let us take it beyond your wildest dreams. 

What does your business need to thrive? Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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How We Can

Development Formation and Growth

You have a dream - let's make it happen. The King Approach will assist developing your company from the ground-up and planning for growth.

Creating Your Brand and Market Presence

What does your company convey? What are your goals? We will ensure that you stand out against the competition - and that your vision aligns to your audience's values.

Navigating Through Mergers and Acquisitions

In business deals, having an advocate to help you navigate through decisions can be the key to success.

Company Assessment and Feedback

Wherever you are in your business journey, having an expert assess and provide feedback is essential to maintaining momentum.

Strategizing for a Successful Exit Plan

The profitability of your exit depends on your strategy. The King Approach will help you get your business in the best condition to be acquired- maximizing your pay off.

Let The King Approach empower and guide you through developing a plan to invest in your business, drive growth, and see measurable results.

We prioritize your business needs so that you can get back to what's important.

Karen King-Brooks helps established entrepreneurs and start-ups in all fields reach new heights. Her firm, The King Approach, has been instrumental in steering its clients through successful mergers & acquisitions, start-ups of new business lines, philanthropic endeavors, and national growth. Karen has 20+ years of experience in business management and healthcare and served as CEO for numerous Healthcare companies. She serves on multiple boards and combines philanthropy with business-building.



After several years as a Senior Partner with a large law firm, I planned to transition to a solo practice. Karen not only helped me recognize the issues I would need to address to make sure that clients would be able to both find me and understand what I can do for them, but also developed incredible materials to deliver that message to the community. Not only have I not missed a beat during the transition, but Karen and her team made sure that I can focus on my core business while they took care of the rest.

- M. G.

Excellent consultant in many disciplines — business builder extraordinaire! The King Approach does not disappoint.

- D. C.